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Our Ayurvedic products harness the power of nature to nourish your body, balance your mind, and uplift your spirit. Experience the transformative magic of Ayurveda and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

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Revitalize Your Immune System with Arishthams and Lehyams: Strengthen Your Body's Natural Defense

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At Kalan Ayurveda Family, we take immense pride in being the manufacturers of patented and classical medicines, solidifying our position as one of the most trusted brands originating from Kerala. With a rich heritage spanning 75 years, our roots are firmly grounded in the village of Nellayi, nestled within the beautiful district of Thrissur, Kerala. Buy Ayurvedic products online and experience our diverse range of over 350 Classical & Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines.

Exporting to the USA and UAE, we are pioneers in producing time-tested remedies for lifestyle diseases. Under the brand name Kalan Ayur Ratnam (KAR Mark), we proudly manufacture medicines designed for health and wellness. Trust the healing power of Kalan Ayurveda Family.


Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with Ayurvedic Thailams.


Traditional Ayurvedic herbal Lehyams for natural wellness.


Herbal Ayurvedic liquid formulations for holistic health.

Herbal Powders

Discover the secrets of herbal wellness with our diverse range of powders.

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